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22 Zerkel St

Luray, Virginia 22835

(540) 860-5608




The inspiration for Hawksbill Brewing Company originated in 2015 with the local farms of Page County.  We set out with the goal of using local ingredients in our beers whenever we could, starting with hops grown in Luray, Virginia.

By the time of our grand opening in 2017, we had developed beers that also used local honey and blackberries, and we’re creating new recipes that feature local ag products all the time.


From the farm, to the kettle, to the keg, to the glass – that’s why we say our beers are “grown here, brewed here!”

Our Beers


The brewery features several beers on regular rotation. Pilot recipes and seasonal beers are frequently on tap as well, and we use visitor feedback to decide which ones to promote to a full 5-barrel batch. To see our regular list, click below. 


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SUMMER (5/23 - Labor Day)

Wed/Thurs: 4-8pm

Fri/Sat: 12-9pm

Sun: 1-6pm

Memorial Day and Labor Day only: 1-6pm


FALL (Labor Day - Thanksgiving)

Thurs: 4-8pm

Fri/Sat: 12-8pm

Sun: 1-6pm

Closed on holidays

WINTER (Thanksgiving - 4/20)

Thurs/Fri: 4-8pm

Sat: 12-8pm

Sun: 1-6pm

Special hours Christmas-New Years (Call for info)

SPRING (4/20 - 5/23)

Thur: 4-8pm

Fri/Sat: 12-8pm

Sun: 1-6pm 

Please park in the main lot (highlighted yellow) or overflow lot (highlighted orange). The are highlighted in red is reserved for the Luray Fire Department. Thank you!


Questions? Contact us here: 

(540) 860-5608 |

22 Zerkel St, Luray, Virginia 22835

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